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  • Review – Film (FCE)

    3 marzo, 2020 por

    THE UNREPEATABLE “THE IMITATION GAME” “Sometimes those people we don’t imagine anything of, are the ones who get what no one could imagine” is the sentence that stays in your mind when you finish watching “The Imitation Game”. This historical thriller was set in UK during the World War IIand it is hands down one… Leer más

  • Article – Your idol in your party (FCE)

    5 febrero, 2020 por

    His heart will go on Have you seen the best drama film of all times? Yes, I’m talking about Titanic, a romantic movie which was based on a real catastrophe aboard an ocean liner. Imagine that you could invite to a party the major character, Leonardo DiCaprio… How would you feel about it? Being sincere,… Leer más

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